Reflex Master


Dodge obstacles to music with this fast-paced rhythmic game


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Reflex Master is a rhythm-based game that tests the reflections of even the most experienced players.

Get through all three levels in Reflex Master, each with its own soundtrack. Difficulty increases, but its your aim to avoid collision with any of the hundreds of obstacles put in our way. Controls are simple. But you'll need a lot of practice in order to truly dominate. Tap once on screen to head upwards, then double tap to go down -- you know the drill. Oddly enough, to stay in the same place you're going to have to tap as fast as you can.

With its catchy tunes and frenetic gameplay, Reflex Master ranks among top tier games like Geometry Dash. But it offers a twist on typical gameplay, this time around you have to really get into the groove of the music to actually make it to the end of each level.
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